Scooters hate me…

Okay, I was with my friend and I was going into the park and I slipped so I got up and rode down to the swings so then I fell over again. So then I went back to my friends house and played GTA 5 and yeah so pretty much after that I decided to go back home and blog about how much scooters hate me so yeah.

See you guys later




New TV Box.

Today I got a Sky+ HD box and it is the best thing ever! first the HD then the on demand but you guys don’t really want to know about that do you? Anyway i’ve been nagging my mum about Friday and she was like “CALM DOWN!!!!!!!!!!” and I’m like “…ok” so after all of that i came on here and was blogging like i am now.

See you guys tomorrow.


Eyes that scare me…

Well most of you all reading this probably sleep well with no worry but my brain and eyes form an alliance against my own face to try to scare me as much as they can, I know that sounds weird but I see things and hear things that you probably cannot.  After a bit of scaring I fall asleep and wake up at 4 AM, yeah… perfect logic. And if I’m warm I can’t put my leg out because the devil will probably grab my leg or something. Well… See you guys later!


Well my day was bad.

Okay, everybody knows that school is bad but I get there EARLY everyday and unfortunately my teacher wasn’t on strike.  And also the fact that it’s becoming winter and I freeze my hair off because we have to play outside. Listen, all I’m saying is that the UK is the most boring country ever. It’s a bit like if we see a rainbow then we all grab our crumpets, toast and butters and hide in the basement because that’s how boring we are. Most people now will probably put in the comments “Oh it’s -192 C over here in Antarctica and I am frozen in my chair.” “Oh it’s 256 C here and my whole body is burning.” ” Oh it’s a tornado here in Kansas and I get good 3G up here everyday.” Well I hope you understand. See you tomorrow.



Why Hello There!

Hi, my name is Reece or NovoxEnvy. And I will be starting a day to day blog about my life, hopefully it wont be too boring or too long to read. So I will try to keep them short